Apple & Farm Fun

The McIntosh Apple was discovered by a man who came to the Upper Canada Region in pursuit of young love and ending up finding something even sweeter. While clearing brush on his farm, John McIntosh found a wild seedling which grew to produce particularly tasty apples. His son cloned the tree and by doing so was able to replicate the flavours of the fruit from that first tree. The McIntosh Apple we know today came into commercial production in 1870.

The Upper Canada Region has an array of orchards growing the historic fruit as well as farms offering family fun and local produce.

Dentz Orchard & Berry FarmYoung girl holding apples

A 7th generation farm, Barkley’s has been producing apples since the 1980s. The family started creating its own recipes and has perfected apple cider and preserves!   

Barkley's Apple Orchard

Located in Morrisburg since 1990, Barkely's Orchard produces apples, strawberries, asparagus and organic vegetables.

Long Sault Farmer’s Market

Running once a week, find your choice of a variety of jams, vegetables and home grown products.

Hoople Creek Farm

Hoople Creek Farm is a small-scale family farm located in Ingleside. They are dedicated to growing local organic agriculture and permaculture.

Smyth’s Apple Orchard

Experience the true taste of a McIntosh apple, grown in its birth place. Pick your own or buy pre-picked apples from over 40 varieties.

Hildebrand Farms Organic Produce

Hildebrand Farm's organic farming methods produce high quality food with an explosion of flavors.

Morrisburg Farmer's Market 

Find a variety of delicious home baked goodies and artisan treasurers.